Fees & Services

LOTS (Perpetual Care Included)
Prices effective as of January 1, 2018

1 grave

(3’x8’x6’) old section; (4’x8’x6’) new section:
Or for 3 cremations or 2 cremation vaults:
1 Cremation grave (3’x3’):

2 graves


4 graves

(12’x8'x6') old section; (16’x8’x6') new section:


Full Burials

$1,000.00 (+$200.00 on weekend)



Cremations (ashes)

$400.00 (+65.00 on weekend)

DEED FEE - $15.00
FOUNDATIONS For Monuments:
$9.50 per running inch in length

Minimum Foundation Fee - $200.00
(All prices subject to change)


Free Perpetual Care

Discount Granite Monuments (all sizes and colors, may be available, with limits, at other locations)

A Pet Cemetery Section (package deals available)

Monument Landscaping

Stone Engraving


Deed holder may landscape and plant any flowers and small shrubs around monuments. For larger shrubs and trees, please contact Director. Definitely no pines.

All holiday seasonal flowers, decorations, and temporary VFW flags will be removed by staff within a reasonable period of time.

The cemetery reserves the right to trim or remove any trees or shrubbery that obstructs maintenance, is unsightly, or dangerous, or encroaches on or interferes with the use of another grave or plot.

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